Laposa Rosé 2019

Laposa Rosé 2019

An elegant, extremely crisp and dynamic rosé. Round rosy and fruity flavour, without being too pushy. Exhibits notes of strawberry, raspberry and woodland berries. Characterised by a long finish, noticeable acidity and vivid intensity. Perfect choice for hot summer nights, and undoubtedly the best wine for a “rosé spritzer”.

Our recommendation: grilled leg of pullet with tomato salad seasoned with basil and raspberry vinegar

Pinot Noir of Balaton
Nature: dry
Volume: 75 cl
Alcohol content: 11,5 %
Temperature: 12-13 °C

1 600 Ft/bottle (2 135 Ft/L)

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Pinot Noir

A variety of French origin, a characteristic vine of Burgundy, member of the Pinot family. Its name is a composition of the French "pine" and "black" words, for the shape of its dark bunches resemble that of a pine cone. A noble and capricious variety, showing its best colours on its own. Suitable for the production of elegant, light-coloured rosé showing great finesse.

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