Laposa Istenmeredekje 2016

Laposa Istenmeredekje 2016

Lord paramount of all wines. Selected by the bunch, right from the southern mountainside of Badacsony. Only a few hundred bottles have been produced from this item. It has a distinctive nose exhibiting scents of peach, melon and dried fruits. Extremely mineral and highly concentrated due to its balanced acidity. The perfect choice for those who prefer mature wines.

Our recommendation: sturgeon in butter sauce, served with celery risotto


Kéknyelű of Badacsony

Volume: 75 cl
Alcohol content: 13 %
Temperature: 14 °C

7 500 Ft/bottle (10 000 Ft/L)

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Shipping price: 2 000 HUF / order.

20 000 Ft the delivery is free in Hungary.

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Kéknyelű is an ancient Hungarian grape variety, which remains to be found solely in Badacsony today. The grape was named after the blueish-reddish colour of its petioles. Since it only bears female inflorescence, it has to be grown alongside a staminate vine, with Rózsakő being commonly used for that purpose (Budai Zöld was used in the past). She often has uncertain and low crop yields – that is the reason why it used to be mocked as “Gent’s Grape” implying that only a gentleman could afford a low yield. Lord paramount of all Badacsony wines perfectly expressing the typical characters of the volcanic terroir.

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