Laposa Friss (Fresh) 2019

Laposa Friss (Fresh) 2019

When you fancy a glass of soft white wine…, when you come up with the idea of drinking wine on a Wednesday evening — you definitely need this bottle. With its freshness, intensive bouquet, soft and young nature, this Welschriesling has become a favourite in Hungary. Notes of citrus, subtle spices, crispy acids, long finish, reliable quality. It will never dash your expectations! Warmly recommended to everyone over 18.

Our recommendation: grilled goat cheese served with tzatziki and fresh mixed salad.

Nature: dry
Volume: 75 cl
Alcohol content: 11,5%
Temperature: 12-13 °C

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1 390 Ft/bottle (1 855 Ft/L)

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20 000 Ft the delivery is free in Hungary.

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Quite in contrast to its European name – which literally means Romanic Riesling or Olaszrizling in Hungarian – this variety of wine is neither Italian, nor Riesling. Its origin is still disputed, however, we know that it has been brought to the Carpathian Basin from our Western European neighbours. Although it shares part of its name with Rhine Riesling, they are in fact genetically unrelated. Having found its perfect home in Central Europe, the variety is grown by several wine regions in Hungary. For most Hungarians the name Olaszrizling has become synonymous with white wine. Suitable for the production of light white wines as well as full-bodied items with long aging potential…Or for a nice spritzer in summer!

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