Laposa Aranydomb 2016

Laposa Aranydomb 2016

The colour of light yellow. Its nose is dominated by the unmistakeable notes of Somló. A round wine straight from “God’s forgotten hat”, grown in the Aranydomb vineyard. Mineral and crispy. A brilliant harmony of Somló and Juhfark which will live up to the expectations of the lovers of the variety and of the wine region. It develops a nice bottle age, reaching its full potential after about two or three years. 

Our recommendation: tender lamb ribs with grilled aubergine and hummus


Juhfark of Somló
Volume: 75 cl
Alcohol content: 12,5 %
Temperature: 14 °C

7 500 Ft/bottle (10 000 Ft/L)

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One of Hungary’s most ancient grape varieties. It is named after its long and cylinder-shaped bunch resembling the tale of a sheep. Its most prominent growing area is the Somló mountain, traditionally known as “God’s forgotten hat”. It is also referred to as the wine of wedding nights, for legend has it that by command of Maria Theresa the Habsburg archdukes had to drink wine from Somló on their wedding day for a better chance of fathering a baby boy. Suitable for making typically mineral wines with long aging potential.

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