The central location of Laposa Wine Estate is situated on the southern side of the Badacsony mountain. Our growings are located in the best vineyards of the volcanic buttes of the Badacsony wine region, where the unique basaltic layers of the soil and the special microclimate allow for the production of balanced and mineral wines.

Our family cultivates a vine-growing area of 17 hectares stretching over the best-suited locations of the volcanic buttes in the Balaton Uplands: these are situated in the Badacsony mountain, Csobánc, Köves mountain, Szent György mountain and Somló. The central location of the Estate lies on the former Lord Bogyai’s Estate.

Topography of the Badacsony wine region is extremely favourable for the cultivation of vine: the terrain’s latitude and absolute altitude, the declination of the mountains and the closeness of Lake Balaton all have a beneficial effect on the maturing process of grapes. It is little wonder that the growing of grapevines and the production of wine in the region looks back on a tradition of more than 2000 years: the nted by the Romans.

The uniqueness of local wine is due in great part to the soil of basalt boulders that occurred as a result of former volcanic activities. Badacsony’s special terroir and microclimate play a vital part in contributing to the quality and uniqueness of wine. The temperature-equalising effect of the water mass of Lake Balaton, the sun-kissed mountainsides and the basalt rocks jointly guarantee that Badacsony wines generally have a round body and a full depth of flavours and aromas.


Our vineyards sit in the best-suited wine slopes of the region, in an elevation of 150-200 metres. We firmly believe that these are the plots where wines of exquisite quality may be produced.

Primarily white wines are bottled in our winery, using traditional, local grape varieties typical of the Badacsony wine region: we cultivate Welschriesling, Rhine Riesling, Pinot gris, Kéknyelű, Furmint and Juhfark in our vineyards. In our wines we aim to express the highlighted minerality inherent in the region and the scenic beauty of basalt ridges, while being mindful of the wines’ subtle elegance at the same time.

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