Laposa Estate

Laposa Wine Estate is one of the most popular wineries in Badacsony. Our family basically deals with traditional, local grape varieties which are located in the best-suited sites of the surrounding volcanic buttes. Our winery in Badacsony awaits you all the year round amid beautiful scenery and excellent wines!

It all started in 1978, on a train crossing the Balaton Uplands, when our parents met and married in the same year. This is how the Budapest-based Laposa family from the cooper trade was united with the wine-making local Barabás family. As a wedding gift, the newly-wed couple was given a small press house in the Balaton Uplands, where we would later spend plenty of time.

In the meanwhile, the family moved from Budapest to Badacsony, with our parents, József and Nóra Laposa being retired today. We have thus taken over the major duties: Bence is in charge of managing the Estate, while Zsófi attends to the wine-making.

It was as early as the beginning of the ’90s that the winery started to grow. Our father had an excellent flair for selecting the best plots of the whole wine region: our parcels are dispersed among Badacsony, the Szent György mountain, Csobánc, the Köves mountain and Somló. To this day, these plots form the backbone of the Laposa Wine Estate, which has by now expanded to 17 hectares.

Our winery produces mostly white wines, using traditional, local grape varieties typical of the Badacsony wine region: a total of 120.000–150.000 bottles of wine are produced per annum, comprising Welschriesling, Rhine Riesling, Pinot gris, Kéknyelű, Furmint and Juhfark.

In our wines we strive to mirror the scenic beauty of basalt ridges as based on the local traditions. Their intensive and pure notes are yielded by the application of state-of-the-art technologies. Our standard items (Friss, Illatos and Rosé) exude milder and more fruity characters, while our higher-end wines express more pronounced marks of minerality inherent in the wine region, which is always matched by unadulterated elegance.
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The very essence of our wine production is predicated upon complexity bottled in delicacy: a wine should be well-rounded, have a good mouthfeel and be highly indicative of its origin as well as the varietal characters, and should not be pretentious nor excessive. The greatest compliment to us is someone drinking another glass of wine with pleasure.
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We deem it our mission to make Badacsony and the Badacsony wine region known to the world. We are intent on fostering the local community, creating inheritable values, making lasting investments and evolving long-term approaches – in economic terms as well. What we have in mind is a rather small-scale way of sustainable growth, which accommodates the rhythms of nature. Our major goal is to offer viable career paths also to the local youth, thereby proving that it is possible to earn a decent living in the countryside.

In recent years, we have extended our range of hospitality by opening a new place in each year. Gábli, a brunch spot inside Liliomkert market of Káptalantóti; KisHableány opened in the centre of Badacsony; and frissTerasz located on the Badacsony mountain – these all serve the purpose of providing stimuli to the life of Badacsony and its surrounds.

In 2014, we purchased the old restaurant Hableány in the centre of Badacsony, on the terrace of which KisHableány currently operates. In the long run, however, we dedicate the building to a complex viticultural development and investment project.

“We did not quite go the classical way, for we came here from Budapest. One could hardly resist falling in love with this landscape...Perhaps it is a perfect stranger’s privilege to become the perfect patriot?! We firmly believe that the balance of nature and economy may be sustained in our immediate environment. That is the reason why we buy raw materials of the region from local producers, while bearing seasonality in mind. To that end, we keep coming up with new ideas year after year, open new places where we gladly spend time, organise events in which we are pleased to take part, and upgrade Badacsony as a whole, for this is our future here.”
Zsófi and Bence